A day in the Wild Heart with Phamie Gow

Phamie Gow

Scottish harpist and composer, Phamie Gow, recently raised money for planting trees through her ‘Peace Farmer Project’.   Phamie chose to donate the money to The Borders Forest Trust, so we invited her to visit the Wild Heart and take part in planting the first of her 200 trees herself. 

First there was a quick lesson from our CEO Andrew on voles and how they damage small trees.   They use a network of tunnels through the long grass to hide from predators like foxes.  

Voles nibble off the bark round the base of young trees, which makes them die, so young trees need the protection of a vole guard to help them get established.   

Then, time to plant!   Our site officer, Andy, was on hand to demonstrate how to screef.  Screefing is a chemical-free way of clearing a small patch of vegetation where you are going to plant a tree.  This allows the newly planted tree the best chance of success.

Phamie and staff were lucky to pick a cold but sunny day in February for the visit and planted a batch of aspen, alder and birch. 

Rosalind Grant-Robertson, BFT Chairman, said “We are delighted that Phamie has contributed to our vision of Reviving the Wild Heart of Southern Scotland and will be able to enjoy watching the change to the valley on future visits to the Wild Heart.”

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