Borders Tree Planting Grant – Carlops

In mid 2019 we applied for and were delighted to get a grant from Borders Forest Trust to plant 300 mixed native Scottish trees (deciduous and Scots pine). The half hectare site is part of a field used for livestock and is on the windward, west side of a Sitka spruce plantation. Our aim was to improve the amenity, offer more shelter for birds and eventually to replace the Sitka plantation when it reaches post-maturity.

The process of deciding on what to plant, erecting necessary fencing, ordering trees and tree stakes and finally planting (in early October) was very well supported by the Borders Forest Trust’s Treescape Project Officer (Nicky Hume). The recommended suppliers all played their parts timeously and efficiently and, ‘hey presto’, by mid-October we had an embryo plantation.

One year on, in September 2020, we have 300 erect tubes and in almost 100% there is a treeling reaching towards the light.  We are so pleased with this place that we take family, friends and dogs on walks round the weaving, mown paths and invite them to imagine it in 10 (50!) years’ time.

The grant covered about one third of the overall cost of this exercise. In a year when climate change and efforts to control atmospheric pollution are at the top of the agenda, and when Covid19 has confined us to home for much of our time, there could not have been a better way of investing in the present and the future. Money very well spent by us and, we hope, also by Borders Forest Trust.

We are very grateful indeed to the Trust and to all the expert and dedicated individuals involved in bringing this plan to fruition. By Wendy.

Borders Tree Planting Grant 2020/21 Now Open For Applications

This is a very popular grant that is often oversubscribed.  Interested applicants are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

The Borders Tree Planting Grant is delivered in partnership with Tweed Forum and is generously funded by Woodland Trust Scotland, Scottish Forestry, Scottish Borders Council and NTR plc.

For more information and to apply, get in touch with Nicky Hume: email – or call – 07399275973