Corehead Community Consultation

After more than a decade of managing the land at Corehead and the Devil’s Beef Tub, Borders Forest Trust, are now looking forward to the next 10 years – and beyond – by thinking about the next phase of our ongoing project to help nature flourish across this part of the Wild Heart of Southern Scotland again.

As part of that process, we would like to hear about what matters most to you around Corehead and what you’d like to see us do with the land. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to a map of our initial ideas, and a link to a short survey of 10 questions to find out what you think of the ideas.

We want to enable a habitat which will support a wide variety of plants and animals for generations to come. We’d like to explore the opportunities for more native woodland including new montane scrub planting in the higher areas of the site.

Although we have previously maintained a limited amount of livestock farming alongside our new woodland creation, we have now decided instead focus our energies on increasing the area planted with trees.

As well as supporting a variety of habits including; native woodland, montane scrub, wild flower meadows and wetland areas, our plans also include making the most of the nature. We will consider the use of coppicing to produce some small-scale wood for local fuel or other wood products. We will also consider a small tree nursery for growing saplings, some of which would become part of the new woodland on site.

We have discussed our plans with our neighbours on the site and are working with them to try to ensure that anything we do, such as fencing or new planting, does not conflict with their own activities. This stage of the consultation with the local community is to make sure that we are working together to secure the very best environmental future for the land which we all enjoy.

This consultation is now closed

Corehead Map

Map with arrow showing proposed tree nursery

If you wish to make any further comments please write to or email:

Borders Forest Trust, Monteviot Nurseries, Ancrum, Jedburgh, TD8 6TU