Corehead High camp

On the 16th -17th September 4 of us braved the autumnal weather and headed up through Corehead for the high camp.

Upon reaching Whitehope, which is our middle compartment between Tweedhope and Lochan Burn, with just over 50.000 Trees in it, we made camp, with amazing views out to the Lake District, and of course our newly planted woodland, which is now coming on very well. Once we had made camp we headed out onto the hill and set to work freeing the juniper that was planted there with surrounding nets as covers.

Over the years we have employed various techniques for covering juniper; from 60cm tubes, which gave good protection, but “forced” the juniper making it become too gangly, to using no protection at all. The technique that was used later on at Corehead was to plant them with plastic mesh around them, stapled to a stake. This was much better than the tubes as the juniper wasn’t forced on, so it became much bushier. The only problem was that as it grew it becomes entangled in the mesh, chocking the plant. So this was our mission to free the juniper that had grown through the nets.

As the day progressed the mist that had been shrouding the hills lifted making for a lovely evening. After a full and satisfying day we returned to our camp and settled down by the fire to watch the stars and share stories. We were so lucky with the weather with just the occasional ninja shower.

The following day we were up bright and early, and cleared most of the plants at Whitehope and had time to move onto Tweedhope and free some plants there, before we headed back down to our cars feeling very satisfied and already talking about our next high camp in the Moffat hills. A big thank you to all who came and put their time and effort into this project.