Corehead update

Credit: Colin McLean

After more than a decade of managing the land at Corehead and the Devil’s Beef Tub, Borders Forest Trust is now looking forward to the next 10 years – and beyond – by putting in place plans for the next phase of the ongoing work to help nature flourish across this part of the Wild Heart of Southern Scotland.

Environmental improvements at Corehead which include part of the Devil’s Beef Tub and Hart Fell Shoulder, are a key part of BFT’s work; alongside the restoration of Carrifran Wildwood; and the new native planting and peatland restoration at Talla and Gameshope.

Engagement Officer at Corehead, Adrian Kershaw, explained “We need to make sure that we are doing the very best that we can to bring nature back to life here. We want to enable a habitat which will support a wide variety of plants and animals for generations to come. So, it makes sense to take the time now to plan just how we can best make that happen.”

Launching the community consultation on their proposals Chief Executive, Charles Dundas, said “Everything we do should be justified by how it benefits the environment in the long-term. At a time like this when both the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis are so urgent, we’d like to explore the opportunities for more native woodland including new montane scrub planting in the higher areas of the site. We could also use coppicing to produce some wood for fuel or other wood products; and one area could be reserved as a small tree nursery for growing the saplings which would eventually become part of the new woodland on site, cutting down on the emissions involved in transporting them.”

“Although we have previously maintained a limited amount of livestock farming alongside our new woodland creation, we will now instead focus our energies on increasing the area planted with trees. New native woodland is what can best improve the ecology of parts of this landscape, and new woodland is what we are best at – as shown in the transformative success we have managed at Carrifran Wildwood.”

Adrian, concluded “We now have twelve years of experience looking after Corehead. This is the right time to review what we could do better. It’s also a great opportunity to work with our neighbours and the local community to make sure that we are working together to secure the very best environmental future for the land.”