Deer fence

Over the last month, Jon Fleming has completed our new deer fence at Talla & Gameshope.

The 5.8 km fence is open ended and stretches from Talla Reservoir to just past the castle at Gameshope burn. The woods next to our site have one of the highest populations of Sika deer in Scotland and Sika deer love young trees.  Sika deer don’t like open ground as much though, so by situating the fence with a large amount of open ground between the fence and the established woodland, we hope discourage them from leaving their woodland and eating our tasty young trees. 

The area is often subjected to extreme winter weather – gusts of up to 100 miles an hour, freezing conditions and snow. Therefore, we have opted to use all deer stobs, placed at 3m intervals, in hopes of making the fence weatherproof.

Andy is in the process of putting signs on the fence to highlight where the gates are, there is a gate on either side of the Garret – but these are not visible from the cairn at the top of the hill.