25th Anniversary Fundraiser

THE 25 FOR 25 CHALLENGE – Will you take it up?

Borders Forest Trust celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021. Over the last 25 years we have been reviving the Wild Heart of Southern Scotland by planting 2 million trees, restoring peatlands and lost habitats, and helping nature regenerate an area covering 31 square km. 

Photo credit: Aiden Maccormick / scotlandbigpicture.com / WTML

Our symbol of hope, the ‘Survivor Tree‘, is UK Tree of the Year 2020. This picture tells the story of how a lonely tree that survived against the odds has inspired us to plant saplings of many different native trees over the hills where this rowan stands. This is just the beginning of our long term commitment to the ecological restoration of the Wild Heart of Southern Scotland.

The South of Scotland has the lowest coverage of native trees anywhere in Scotland and we need your help to ensure these trees continue to thrive and even more native trees are planted with them.   So we’re asking all our supporters and friends to celebrate our 25th anniversary by joining in our 25 for 25 Fundraising Challenge.  Our first target is to raise £25,000 during 2021, but with your help we’re hoping to beat that.  Do something yourself or involve friends and family and remember your little ones as well – they will be the beneficiaries of our ecological restoration work in the future.

What can I do?

Easy! Just choose an activity based around the number 25 and get sponsors for your fundraising.  Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • swim 25 lengths of a 25m pool or, if we are still restricted, do 25 wild swims in a river or the sea but always do this safely under supervision or with others.
  • walk, run or cycle 250km in 25 days or, if that seems to bit much, walk around your local park 25 times.
  • bake 25 cakes or biscuits and sell them to friends and neighbours
  • knit or craft 25 hats, candles or whatever you enjoy doing
  • spot 25 wildlife species and record them on your camera phone or in a journal. You could research these for your own information or to share with others.
  • read and review 25 books, complete 25 2500- piece jigsaws  or learn by heart 25 lines of poetry or drama.  Ask someone to sponsor and record your achievement.
  • take up something new –  a hobby, a musical instrument, a sport or another language. For example, you could start the Couch to 5k programme and follow it for 25 days over several weeks to increase your fitness and get you out of door //www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/couch-to-5k-week-by-week/ .  Or learn to Lino cut and make 25 prints to sell or to use as thank-you cards for your sponsors.

And to get your little ones involved:

  • Learn 25 new words and how to spell them, write a sentence for each one.
  • Draw 25 different animals/flowers/birds and sell your pictures.
  • Start a themed Treasure Chest – collect 25 items linked to a theme like The Sea, My Favourite Things, My family.   Write or record why they are important treasures.

How to get started

  • Decide on your activity
  • Create your Just Giving fundraising page
  • Start sharing your plans with friends and family to ensure they know what you are doing and why. It is always easier to get sponsorship if you involve others early on.
  • Tell us about your progress and share memorable moments on social media using the hashtag:  #BFT25years
  • Whatever you choose to do, have fun, be creative, and do something important to you. Always stay safe and observe the Covid restrictions that apply in your area.

Traditional Fundraising

If you don’t want to set up an online fundraising page you can still take part. You can download and print the fundraising form below. Once you have collected your money you can either send it to us electronically or you can send a cheque to the office made out to Borders Forest Trust. Don’t forget to include your contact details and tell us a little about what you did to raise the money.

Download a fundraiser form

Send in donation electronically

Any questions? – email: enquiries@bordersforesttrust.org

Stephanie’s fundraising plan:

Stephanie has decided she is going to knit 25 hats. She will then ask people to donate money in exchange for a hat. Stephanie has decided to set a minimum donation amount for each of her hats.

Stephanie will use her own social media to promote her hats and will tag Borders Forest Trust so that people can find out more about the charity.

To help people feel confident about donating money, Stephanie has set up a just giving page explaining what she is doing. You can view Stephanie’s just giving page here: (coming soon). She has emailed a link to her page to some people she knows who she thinks will be interested, as well as sharing it on her social media. Not everyone Stephanie knows is keen on giving money online, so some people are sending Stephanie cheques and she will transfer money to BFT from her bank account using CAF.