New vehicle fundraiser

We need an Argocat all terrain vehicle and a (secondhand) 4×4 to help us plant more trees.

Our Wild Heart sites are remote and steep.

We must now raise £15,000 to buy the equipment we need.

A dark green all terrain vehicle with 8 large tyres and a roll cage.
Example of an Argocat vehicle. Credit:

Currently, our planting is restricted to the lower, more accessible areas of Talla and Gameshope. All-terrain vehicles would enable trees to be transported further into the site, and more of the site could be planted. It is a physical challenge just to reach the planting areas without having to ask volunteers to carry trees and protection as well.

Due to the wild weather at the start of the year and now the Covid -19 restrictions, our 2020 spring volunteer planting season has been severely curtailed.

Raising money before the start of the next planting season is now more paramount than ever.  Our spring high-level volunteer camps have both been cancelled.  This means our volunteers at the autumn camps have twice as much planting to do.  With the assistance of an all terrain vehicle, we will be able to free up precious volunteer time (and energy) for getting trees in the ground, rather than lugging plants and equipment high into the hills.

Vounteers with planting bags above the camp (Autumn 2019)
Volunteer tents pitched high in the valley (Autumn 2019)

Having vehicles which are suitable for transporting and accessing more remote locations will help to build the capacity of the organization to do this work, engage with more individuals and ultimately plant more trees.

Since our current vehicles have come to the end of their working lives, we would like to replace them with a substantial (secondhand) 4X4 vehicle with good off-road capabilities, and an Argocat.

We estimate that these will cost approximately £15,000, so every donation we can raise, no matter the size will count towards that target, and help us become more effective and efficient in our work.