Your support really makes a big impact – here’s how

    Borders Forest Trust relies on support from members and donors to achieve our vision. Here are some of the ways your support will make a difference.

    £12 allows us to plant and protect a new tree in remote uplands.  As a tree grows and flourishes it very soon becomes home and protection to countless species.

    £200 maintains a kilometre of fencing ensuring that new trees can grow safely until they are high enough to resist browsing.

    £250 delivers an event in the local community working with families to share and develop skills in planting and ecological restoration.

    £260 takes a class of school children to one of our sites to increase their awareness of habitat restoration and to develop practical outdoor skills.

    £175 supports volunteers for a day out working on the land, preparing it for planting and planting and protecting trees and shrubs.

    £400 buys a specialist survey to establish the numbers of species on our sites and to track the impact of our habitat restoration work.

    £1,100 pays for a day of peat restoration work in some of our remote areas where peat has been compromised or degraded.

    £6,000 buys a quad bike which is vital for allowing us to get around the sites to prepare land for planting, attend to young trees and shrubs and undertake surveys.