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Help us achieve to our mission to “Revive the Wild Heart of southern Scotland”. Borders Forest Trust began around a quarter of a century ago and it is over 20 years since we planted our first tree. In this time, with the help of our members, supporters and volunteers, we have grown from a grass routes organisation to a well know authority on ecological restoration.

With members assistance, we have planted nearly 2 million trees.

Will your membership allow us to plant the 2 millionth one?

What was once bare hill side will flourish and become a rich diverse native woodland.

As a member you will not only be enabling us to plant more trees and develop our conservation and habitat work, you will also be adding a voice to ours, demonstrating support for our environment and attention to what we are leaving behind for generations to come.

Members receive:

  • A membership pack containing information about Borders Forest Trust
  • A Borders Forest Trust car sticker
  • The Greenshed membership magazine
  • Annual Review and invitation to attend our AGM

Membership typePrice
Community Group£50

If you wish to pay using a different method please contact the office for a form –