What is iRecord?

iRecord is a website for submitting, sharing and verifying biological records of wildlife and includes photos to allow verification.

Records are collected and can be accessed and verified by local records centres and national recording schemes. This information can be used to monitor how wildlife is doing in specific areas, how distribution is changing with climate change, to inform decision makers, and allow us to explore new species.  It is a simpler method of disseminating data to everyone instead of submitting individual records to different organisations.

How to register for iRecord

iRecord can be accessed either through the website or via the mobile phone app available for Apple or Android.From here you will be required to set up an account.

Then, next time you are out on a walk and spot a plant or animal, take a photo and upload it to iRecord.  Your record will be available to people studying that plant or animal and will be a record for you to keep too.

Recording in Borders Forest Trust woodlands

If you are at one of Borders Forest Trust woodlands, you can join our Borders Forest Trust wildlife recording scheme and upload your records directly to our section. This will allow BFT to monitor the wildlife in our woodlands and see how they have changed since we planted trees.  You never know, you may record a new species at one of our sites.

You can join Borders Forest trust Wildlife recording from your computer here. Or by clicking “Browse all activities” and searching for “The Borders Forest Trust Wildlife Recording”.

Select “Join activity” and you will see a menu on the right which allows you to send a single record. You can also submit a list of records if you have had a really interesting walk or even upload a spreadsheet if you are an avid wildlife recorder who likes to compile lots of records.


If you are using your phone, click on ‘Activities’ at the bottom of the screen to see which areas you have already joined and select ‘The Borders Forest Trust Wildlife Recording ‘option to enable you to upload sightings made at BFT sites.

Click the green + to add your record.  Only do this if you are at one of our woodlands.

Submitting a record

Start typing the name of your sighting and iRecord will give you a list to choose from.  If you are unsure what it is exactly, just type “butterfly” or “mushroom” or “bird” etc. and a verifier will identify it for you.  Click the pencil next to the name and add a photo, how many you have seen, exact location and anything else you may know on the next page.  You do not need to fill in all the details. When completed press “Upload” in the top right corner.

Recording at other woodlands and sites

You can also submit records from anywhere in the UK. To do this choose ‘default’ for these records or one of the other recording schemes you have joined.

Finding information on iRecord

You can also use iRecord to:

  • Explore the species in your area,
  • Explore a specific plant or animal that you are interested in,
  • Join the recorder league tables and see how you rank.


More Information about iRecord