Junior Ranger Christmas Session

The temperature has plummeted, icicles are forming, the shortest day of the year is almost upon us..winter has definitely arrived and for our final Junior Rangers of the year we did some festive activities.

But first….to plant a few trees…the grounds not quite frozen yet,

Warming the frozen trees!

Icicles to discover

It was cold work and soon we headed back to light a fire, mull some apple juice and eat mince pies!

Once we were warmed up we set to work weaving Christmas wreathes. (Thanks Philip for supplying the willow).  Traditionally wreathes symbolised the turning of the seasons and cycle of life, made around the shortest day of the year, using evergreens such as holly, ivy and pine.

A great 2017 it has been, a huge thanks to Vanessa and Lynda for volunteering each month, to all the parents who drive them up to Corehead, SNH for funding the project and to the Junior Rangers themselves for the work they have done and the adventures they have been up for having this year.

We look forward to Junior Rangers 2018

Ali Murfitt

Site and Community Officer