Junior Rangers – Autumn adventures

The Junior Rangers have been taking an active role in helping to manage our community orchard.

The original labels which show the different varieties were in great need of being replaced..before the knowledge of which tree is which – was lost to the elements. Last month the rangers quested round the trees recording the different varieties and this month we put the first of the new discs in place.

It was also an opportunity to test the ripeness of the apples…some of which were tasty and ready to eat : )

The fungi at Corehead are now beginning to fruit and there was a variety of species to learn about, including ‘The blusher’, the ‘blackening brittle gill’ and ‘Beech Wood Sickener’.  All of these are ‘ecto mychorrzial’ partnering up with the trees.  Over at the beech log – wood rotters were beginning to appear such as Turkey Tail, Porcelain fungus and the Giant polypore.

Another fun Junior ranger session at Corehead : )

Ali Murfitt

Site and Community Officer