We Can Help You Plant Native Trees On Your Land

The Borders Forest Trust can provide free advice,  site surveys,  woodland design, woodland management and funding support for native tree planting projects, of any scale, in the Scottish Borders. We can work with you to  choose the right mix of species and planting layout to suit your site and needs: whatever your interest in woodland, we can help you.

Why Plant Trees on your Land?

Trees our vital to both our own wellbeing and the health of our landscapes. The benefits of trees are numerous and we have listed just a few of them here. 

Trees can:

  • provide habitats for wildlife such as pollinating insects
  • improve air quality
  • offer shelter from harsh weather for livestock and crops
  • absorb carbon, helping to combat climate change
  • improve soil quality and prevent erosion
  • help to reduce flooding
  • reduce traffic noise and block light pollution
  • create a great place to relax or exercise
  • provide a sustainable source of firewood
  • improve our landscapes for us and future generations.

Funding your planting project:

There are different funding options available to support your planting project, we will help you choose and access the most suitable one depending on: the size of area you wish the plant, your current land use, your individual goals and circumstances.

Some of the funding options include:

The Borders Tree Planting Grant

This grant is available to individuals or organisations who wish to plant individual or small groups of trees. Funding of up to £1000 is available per applicant, per year. Please visit our Borders Tree Planting Grant page  for more details and information about how to apply.

Forestry Grant Scheme

There are several options available through this grant scheme to provide financial support for land owners to plant trees on their land. These grants are for planting projects over 0.25 ha in size and are funded by Forestry Commission Scotland as part of the Scottish Rural Development Program. The grant options that Borders Forest Trust can assist with include: native broadleaves, upland birchwoods, low-density broadleaves and agroforestry (where tree planting is integrated with sheep grazing).

We can help you choose the most appropriate grant for your project and can complete the application for you, acting as an agent.

Get in touch to arrange a site visit or for more information:


This project is run in partnership with the Woodland Trust Scotland who generously fund and support our work to plant and protect native woodland in the Scottish Borders.