For all ages and from all walks of life

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Working with volunteers is central to achieving our vision. Volunteers allow us to connect with local and wider communities and our aim is to offer opportunities to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Since 2006, Borders Forest Trust volunteers have been planting trees on our own land as well as on Community Woodlands and local schools.  We are integral in caring for ever higher numbers of trees after planting.  Our volunteers take on a wide variety of tasks:

It’s been the perfect reason to be out and about in the hills whilst doing something useful to help the Trust’s great work Volunteer

  • Tree planting
  • Caring for young trees
  • Removing tree tubes
  • Surveying sites for biodiversity
  • Improving sites through removing old fence lines
  • Repairing areas of peat
  • Cutting back branches to let in light and removing some non-native species
  • Checking boundary fences to keep them stock proof
  • Maintaining paths

Some of our volunteers come to us through our Health and Therapy work. There are different levels of fitness and activity required – not everyone has to be able to work all day in the uplands!  Shorter days and less strenuous tasks are also crucial to creating and maintaining vibrant outdoor spaces.

I feel that I’m doing something worthwhile, which will hopefully be appreciated by future generations Volunteer

At three of our largest sites, Corehead, Talla & Gameshope and Carrifran Wildwood, we have regular volunteer work parties, as well as weekend volunteer camps across the year.

Volunteer Opportunities