Find out more about Woodland Creation

Borders Forest Trust work to restore native woodland in the Scottish Borders both on our own properties and through working in partnership with local people, landowners, businesses, farmers and community groups.

When the Borders Forest Trust was established in 1996, only 0.26% (1200ha) of the land in the Scottish Borders was covered in native (ancient and semi-natural) woodland. This is one of the lowest native woodland covers in the whole of Scotland. It can be hard to believe, looking at our familiar, grassy, rolling hills, that not so long ago, the Borders was covered in wild, native woodland, rich in wildlife, with cleaner water and healthier soils. In just a few hundred years we have lost much of this woodland due to a high demand for timber in the First and Second World Wars, farming, industry, competition for land and  high deer numbers preventing the regeneration of woodlands. This has had a knock on effect on our land, gradually leading to soil erosion, flooding, lower soil quality and reduced biodiversity.

We aim to protect and expand the remnants of ancient woodland that we still have whilst also planting new native woodlands to make a big, positive contribution to the health and beauty of our countryside.

If you are interested in planting native trees, whether on your own land or on ours, we can make it happen. Follow the links below for more information.

So far we have planted over one million native trees in the south of Scotland. Work with us to plant the next million!