Scottish Conker Championships 2017

‘Bonkers for Conkers 2017’

On Saturday 21st October 2017 Borders Forest Trust staff and some of our brilliant volunteers ran the 11th Scottish Conker Championship – a very popular and well attended attraction in the fabulous annual Tweed Valley Forest Festival.

In spite of yet another poor conker harvest in Scotland, this year we were able to provide participants with the best ‘stonker’ conkers we have ever had, thanks to some major gathering assistance from our wonderful contacts down south (BIG THANK YOU to our conker saviours Tim Frost, Mike Bentley & Iain Laidlaw).

Players use horse chestnuts prepared and provided by BFT and compete in four categories – Junior, Youth, Adult and Rogue. The Rogue category allows participants to bring their own conker that can be treated in any way they want, e.g. varnished; pickled; baked; concrete dipped and, an increasingly popular innovation is a good smothering of E45 moisturiser! There is still no clear stand out best way!

After many highly skilled, exciting rounds and matches, we are very pleased to announce that the 2017 Scottish Conker Champions are: Junior – Maisie Gordon (from Humbie); Youth – Jack Craigen (from East Lothian), Adult – Rosemary Kane (from Bonnyrigg), Rogue – Ady Hurrell (from Peterborough).

Well done and huge thanks once again to all involved.

Jack Craigen – Youth winner 2017  (has his Aunty been training him up perhaps ; )  )


Anna Craigen