Tree Planting Guide

Here are a few tips to help you plant your 25th Birthday trees – your trees have specific preferences on the type of area they like to live in. 

Rowan, oak, birch and crab apple prefer dry ground, hazel likes damp ground, willow does well in wet ground.

Oaks need a significant amount of space and full light in order to grow well. They can reach 40m tall so you do not want to put them near buildings. A 6m radius around the sapling would be a suitable minimum.

Birch can be planted more closely, at 2.5m spacing but are still tall trees so should be kept away from buildings.

Rowan, crab apple and hazel are all smaller trees and a minimum of 2.5m between each is recommended although wider spacing will allow them to grow with a more spreading form.

Rowan and crab apple are good for wildlife, especially birds.  Waxwings travel from Scandinavia for our rowan berries.

Any questions?

You can view a video of how to plant a tree here: