Trial run for volunteer planting

This year Covid-19, has largely prevented volunteers from planting trees at our sites. We have used contractors to plant many of them, but we still have plenty of trees that need to be planted. With a look to the new year, we decided to run a trial volunteer planting with our staff and get some more trees in the ground while the weather was favourable.

Bags of trees waiting to be planted

The planting was at the Talla & Gameshope site. This is where the majority of our volunteer planting would have happened this year. We planted; Alder, Birch, Oak, Hawthorn and Hazel. 

We were also joined by some 4-legged companions who helped to dig a few holes, although not necessarily in the right place!

We spread out across the hillside and most of us planted saplings between 320m and 400m on Carlavin hill, but Nicky, our Treescapes Officer managed to plant the highest trees. Those people that planted lower down had rocky ground to contend with, but didn’t have as far to travel back down for lunch.

The weather remained hospitable and a very productive day was had, with around 500 trees planted. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with colleagues who we have only seen via Zoom for the past few months.